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Björn Bergenholtz Author & Illustrator

The Lost Cats/Katterna som försvann

Picture Books

The Lost Cats/Katterna som försvann

Everyone knows that cats can be little devils! One day, as the little old man went to take the trash out, he forgot to close the front door. When he got back, he found that his five cats had escaped! The black one, the white one, the grey one, the red one, and the one mixed with all colours. All of them had run off! The little old man immediately called the police. The police are experts at finding lost things! Or so one would think …

A puzzle book filled with fun and tricky details. Look through the images to see if you can help the confused police constables find the missing cats!

Björn Bergenholtz is one of Sweden’s most prolific children’s books authors. He’s known for his magnificent illustrations and stories that always contain a good bit of humour and cleverness.

Björn Bergenholtz

Author Illustrator

Björn Bergenholtz was born in 1962 and grew up in small Älmhult in Småland. He now lives and works in Stockholm. For quite a few years, Björn wandered around in life, traveled around the world and worked here and there. After years of shorter jobs as caretaker, artist, substitute teacher, whale safari guide, cabinet maker…

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