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Åsa Lind Author

The Sandwolf/Sandvargen

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The Sandwolf/Sandvargen

Nobody can cheer up Zackarina like the Sand Wolf. He is full of ideas and fun, and knows much about absolutely everything! Short, self-contained stories, ideal for reading a loud.

”The sand wolf is like a classic pretend-friend who can help you deal with the adult world. But hehas another function. He is not a substitute in a lonely world, but an all-knowing – yet not superior – discussion partner who likes to have serious conversations. /…/ This is a book that is a pleasure to share with others, because you feel so at peace when you read it out loud.”

Dagens Nyheter

With illustrations by Kristina Digman.

Åsa Lind


Åsa Lind previously worked as a journalist. She writes both fiction and non-fiction, and is particularly well-known for her successful Sandwolf series, which won the Nils Holgersson Plaque and was nominated for the August Prize. Her writing is poetic, philosophical and in treating the child’s thoughts and feelings seriously and sympathetically, she tackles some of…

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