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Stina Stoor Author

The Scarf/Halsduken

Picture Books

The Scarf/Halsduken

How can you transform everyday life into a fun game? The Scarf is a wonderful tribute to the joy of playing and imagination, but also beautifully depicts the relationship between a grandfather and his grandchild.

Lo’s new scarf is terribly tickly. Lo does NOT want to wear it. But Mum says she HAS TO. They don’t speak a word to each other all the way to Grandpa’s house. Grandpa has a sofa that is good for hiding behind – and he has some scissors that are really good for cutting scarves… Grandpa has to do a lot of sewing to repair it… And then something amazing happens – the scarf turns into Lenny, Grandpa’s magic friend! He can be a bandage for Grandpa’s bad knee, a hammock for his book and if Grandpa had a cat, they could use it as a lead!

Illustrated by Johanna Häger

Stina Stoor