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The Scissors/Saxen

Picture Books

The Scissors/Saxen

Sara Villius has a unique ability to capture the experiences of young children, creating marvellous read-aloud stories. This particular book is about a pair of scissors. And those scissors want to cut! Not everything of course… Not fingernails. But string, grass, leaves, sticks and doll’s hair. But what about your own hair? Or hacking away at the table? The Scissors is a funny and liberating tale for young readers.

The Scissors is Sara Villius’s third picture book. Her earlier titles, The Night (2017) and The Snake (2018), captured the hearts of both readers and critics alike. Yokoland is an Oslo-based design agency. They have illustrated a number of award-winning picture books in Norway, and boast a number of high-profile clients including The New York Times, Phaidon Press and many more.

Illustrated by Aslak Gurholt

Sara Villius


Sara Villius was born in 1976 and lives in Stockholm. She debuted in 2002 and has since published books for both children and adults. Together with Mari Kanstad Johnsen, she has published the critically acclaimed picture books The Night and The Snake. In addition to books, Sara Villius has also written for film, television and…

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