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Åsa Lind Author

The Secret/Hemligheten

Picture Books

The Secret/Hemligheten

In the house it is exciting and mysterious. Mom and dad walk around waiting for a baby to be born from mom’s belly.

The little boy carries around a dinosaur egg that will one day hatch. When hatched, he will befriend the dinosaur. They will swim together in the highest waves and never be afraid. But only he knows what is inside the egg. It’s nice to have your very own secret.

Illustrated by Emelie Östergren

Åsa Lind


Åsa Lind previously worked as a journalist. She writes both fiction and non-fiction, and is particularly well-known for her successful Sandwolf series, which won the Nils Holgersson Plaque and was nominated for the August Prize. Her writing is poetic, philosophical and in treating the child’s thoughts and feelings seriously and sympathetically, she tackles some of…

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