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Pernilla Stalfelt Author & Illustrator

The Wee Book/Kissboken

Picture Books

The Wee Book/Kissboken

The sequel to the hugely popular contemporary classic, The Poo Poo Book, is finally here! After all, what is poo without wee? Prepare to discover who can poo without weeing, and who can wee-poo. You’ll also find out why wee is not always the same colour and roughly how long it takes to pee. Learn the wee song and travel through your body with wee!

Pernilla Stalfelt is the master of exciting and interesting subjects that are funny, crazy, liberating and very serious.

Pernilla Stalfelt

Author Illustrator

Pernilla Stalfelt is one of Sweden’s most innovative creators of picture books, taking on subject matter close to home but which breaks traditional boundaries. She is best known for her non-fiction series that includes The Hair Book, The Poo-Poo Book, The Death Book, The Love Book, As Alike as Two Peas, The Scary Book, and…

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