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Annica Hedin Author

Things That Seem Scary/Det som verkar farligt

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Things That Seem Scary/Det som verkar farligt

Sometimes it’s actually good to be scared. Like if you’re swimming and a crocodile comes along. But what if you meet a hairy spider or you have to go up to the dark attic all by yourself? Are those legitimate reasons to be frightened?

Lots of things can seem scary – clowns, creepy crawlies and sleepovers (even if it’s at your best friend’s house).

Annica Hedin cleverly uses wit to reveal a number of common (and less common) fears. This book is a standalone sequel to the critically acclaimed book They’re Called Adults.

Illustrated by Hanna Klinthage

Annica Hedin


Annica Hedin grew up in Kvibille in the Halland countryside, but has been living in Stockholm for 25 years. She works as a freelance writer and has previously written a long series of textbooks for primary and middle school children. She debuted as a picture book author in 2018.

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