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Åsa Lind Author

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger/Tiger, Tiger, Tiger

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Tiger, Tiger, Tiger/Tiger, Tiger, Tiger

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger is about the love of a beautiful cat that is not quite so keen to be loved. It’s about wanting to stroke and be close, but not quite managing it, because the neighbour’s cat is too quick for chubby little legs. He’s not even tempted out of the bushes by lovely bunches of flowers or a tasty herring biscuit!

I want to stroke, I want to cuddle,
I just want to play, play, play,

A new story by the author of The Sandwolf, with illustrations by Joanna Hellgren.

Åsa Lind


Åsa Lind previously worked as a journalist. She writes both fiction and non-fiction, and is particularly well-known for her successful Sandwolf series, which won the Nils Holgersson Plaque and was nominated for the August Prize. Her writing is poetic, philosophical and in treating the child’s thoughts and feelings seriously and sympathetically, she tackles some of…

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