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Catarina Kruusval Author

Time to Go/Ellen och Olle åker

Board Books

Time to Go/Ellen och Olle åker

Ellen and Olle have fun together: they play both outside and inside, they eat, go sledding, jump in the leaves, ride bicycles or go to the pool. An irresistible book in sturdy cardboard for the very little ones in a fresh new design and a slightly larger format. Look and point with the favorites Ellen and Olle!

Catarina Kruusval

Author Illustrator

Catarina Kruusval has written and illustrated more than forty books for children up to the age of five. These include the popular stories about Ellen and Olle and their everyday adventures, and the books about Fia, a small girl in charge of her troop of toy animals. She has also illustrated well-known children’s songs and…

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