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Lena Sjöberg Author

Underneath a Rhubarb Leaf/Under ett rabarberblad

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Underneath a Rhubarb Leaf/Under ett rabarberblad

Rhymed verses about nature and animals, about a lost mitten and a frozen vegetable garden. Lena Sjöberg’s lyrical poems and fantastic pictures bring us different seasons, changing settings and unusual meetings. 

Shady cool, sunny bright

Carrots side by side

Little kitten, paws so white

Sleeps beneath a kale leaf wide.

Sun rays pouring down, down, down

Hot fur on kitten gleams

Kitty makes a sleepy sound

We can’t know what she dreams.

Shady cool, sunny bright

The tail, a sudden sweep

Little kitten, paws so white

In our garden sleeps

Underneath a Rhubarb Leaf features short pieces of writing that inspire thinking. For reading alone or together, one poem at the time or all at once.

Lena Sjöberg

Author Illustrator

Lena Sjöberg is an author and illustrator who has created almost thirty books, both fiction and non-fiction. She frequently writes in verse, taking a warm-hearted, humanist, humorous approach to the theme of the emotional bonds between children and adults. Each book is designed as a total work of art. The small details in her illustrations…

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