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Johan Egerkrans Author & Illustrator

Vaesen/Nordiska väsen

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Vaesen/Nordiska väsen

A vast amount of supernatural beings inhabit the deep and dark forests, still lakes and vast mountain ranges of Scandinavia. When someone mysteriously vanishes, when the milk curdles overnight, when a strange noise is heard from the attic, or an inexplicable illness strikes, then it’s whispered that the Invisible, or the Fair Folk, are at work.

This richly illustrated book by Johan Egerkrans explores the best of Scandinavian folklore and features Neck, the music- making water spirit, Mara, the bringer of nightmares, Huldra, the seductress of the forest, tomtar, mylings, and many more. For all ages.

Johan Egerkrans

Author Illustrator

Author and illustrator Johan Egerkrans is widely recognised for his work in reinterpreting Nordic folklore in his works Norse Gods and Fairy Creatures of the North. His descriptions and depictions of gods and heroes, and giants and dwarves have been acclaimed by critics and readers alike. Egerkrans has worked as a professional illustrator and concept…

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