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Lisa Bjärbo Author

Viggo and His List of Fears/Viggo och rädslolistan

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Viggo and His List of Fears/Viggo och rädslolistan

Viggo is seven and a bit (two months to be precise) and he has a secret list – a list of fears! It’s a list of all the things he’s afraid of – and that’s quite a few things: the dark, fire irons, monsters without heads, monsters with heads, burning houses… It’s quite tricky being scared of so many things, particularly with Halloween coming up when the streets will be filled with ghosts, witches and scary mummies. And it’s extremely difficult not being able to tell anyone how frightened you are. A fun and serious book about seven-year old Viggo and his family. Children of all ages are likely to empathise with this story about everyday family life.

Illustrated by Johanna Magoria

Lisa Bjärbo


Lisa Bjärbo, born in 1980, is a journalist and author. She released her first youth novel in 2010. Since then, there have been a series of funny and sad contemporary books about everyday life, relationships and feelings for children and young people of different ages.

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