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Viggo and the Mum Life/Viggo och mammalivet

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Viggo and the Mum Life/Viggo och mammalivet

Mum is finally coming back home to Sweden after spending time working in Denmark. She’s moving into a flat right next to Viggo’s school, and Viggo and his little brother Nils are going to be living with her every other week. The other weeks, they’ll be living in the house with Dad. Viggo can’t wait until she moves back. It’s going to be great! Mum is hardly ever tired or grumpy like Dad is sometimes, and she almost always wants to go swimming, and watch a movie and buy sweets! And not only that, the flat she’s moving into is probably amaaaaazing with walls covered in gold, lots of huge TVs, a whirlpool bathtub and a couple of puppies! That last thing about the puppies is extra important, because Viggo and his friend Malte have a secret dog club. And when Malte hears that Viggo’s mum has basically promised him a dog, he’s over the moon. But what’s the real story behind the dog, and the whirlpool bathtub and all those TVs? Will life with Mum really be quite as amazing as Viggo has imagined it will be?

Viggo and Mum Life is an independent and very keenly awaited sequel to Viggo and His List of Fears. Lisa Bjärbo takes children’s feelings and fears very seriously. This wonderful account of everyday life is sure to resonate with children of all ages.

Illustrated by Johanna Magoria

Lisa Bjärbo


Lisa Bjärbo, born in 1980, is a journalist and author. She released her first youth novel in 2010. Since then, there have been a series of funny and sad contemporary books about everyday life, relationships and feelings for children and young people of different ages.

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