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Jujja Wieslander Author

Vina Vina’s Wolfstick/Vina vinas vargpinne

Board Books

Vina Vina’s Wolfstick/Vina vinas vargpinne

Vina Vina has found a stick! You can pretend it’s a chain saw (urrhn, urrhn, urrhn) or a fishing pole (drip, drip, drip), and you can draw long lines in the sand with it. But most importantly, you can use it when the wolf comes. Vina Vina throws, and the wolf fetches, again and again and again.

Jujja Wieslander is one of our most successful children’s books creators. She is a master at transforming the simplest everyday event into a grand adventure in the young child’s world. A dirty, broken and seemingly uninteresting stick is in Vina Vina’s hands transformed into a lawnmower or a friend to share your pillow with. Everybody knows Jujja Wieslander’s world-famous picture book characters, Mamma Moo and the Crow. Vina Vina is a new exciting acquaintance for the slightly younger children.

Illustrated by Lotta Geffenblad

Jujja Wieslander

Author Illustrator

Jujja Wieslander is the creator of the much beloved children’s literature double act Mamma Moo and Crow – a beautiful, friendly, inquisitive cow, and her argumentative, know-it-all bird companion. Their deep friendship and vivid personalities have entertained children and adults for three decades. Mamma Moo and Crow originated on the radio and first appeared in…

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