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Ingelin Angerborn Author

Ward 305/Sal 305

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Ward 305/Sal 305

I have probably always known that what happened last summer really did happen.
But I thought it was a one-off thing.
Now I know it wasn’t.
And now I know it will happen again. 

Who takes Elvira’s hand just as she’s about to fall asleep? And who did she really see in the hospital bed beside hers? Elvira don’t know. All she knows is that she fell off her bike and now things happen which she can’t explain. And the old abandoned asylum that she sees from her room in the hospital room makes her shiver. Is it only because of the concussion or is there some truth in the frightening stories that are told about the old asylum? 

Elvira knows that there are ghosts. She has seen it with her very own eyes. But she thought it was a once in a lifetime sort of thing. She was wrong. 

A stand-alone continuation of Room 213. 

Ingelin Angerborn


Ingelin Angerborn is unsurpassable when it comes to magical realism for the middle grades. She mixes the ordinary with the magical in a way that makes everything feel possible. Ingelin Angerborn has received numerous awards and been praised by critics.

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