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Emma AdBåge Author & Illustrator

We find Crumbert/Vi hittar Smulbert

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We find Crumbert/Vi hittar Smulbert

There is a dead hedgehog in the car park – you must look! says Bert.
We go up close.
There are lots of flies on the hedgehog and you can see some
– Poor thing! Bert has to go away and cry a little.

The sun is shining and the car is full of picnic stuff, swimming rings, toys, mum and two children. They are going to spend all day down on the beach with wild games, sandy biscuits and long swims. When Bert finds a beetle in the sand, he names him Crumbert, and gets his spade out. His beetle is going to get a great big sandcastle with shells as decoration and some rubbish on top as a roof. But when it is time for Crumbert to move in, he just stays exactly where he is…

Crumbert is dead and Bert is devastated. Crumbert must be buried beside the dead hedgehog in the car park. And perhaps that is the only consolation just at the moment: the hedgehog in the car park will get a buddy, a dead buddy.

We find Crumbert is a lovely description of happiness, disappointment and death. With lots of imagination and humour, Emma AdBåge portrays children’s great emotional register.

AdBåge’s book Gropen (The Hole Behind the Gym) won the August Prize in 2018 with the following words from the jury of the August Prize committee: “[…] a life-affirming tribute to the joy of free play, without concern for certified sandpits or health and safety regulations. The book uses great humour and superb imagery to show that imaginations thrive in unsupervised and untouched spaces. […]”

Emma AdBåge

Author Illustrator

Emma AdBåge’s stories and illustrations make everyday emotions and experiences both immediately recognisable and richly interesting. Her stories and drawings are observant, succinct, humorous and perceptive. With their carefully drawn lines and gentle colours, AdBåge’s illustrations combine small details with bold characters, whose bodily postures and facial expressions give a distinct insight into what they…

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