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Gunilla Bergström Author & Illustrator

What is Daddy Åberg Doing?/Vad gör Alfons pappa?

Board Books

What is Daddy Åberg Doing?/Vad gör Alfons pappa?

There’s always something going on in the Atkins home. Alfie’s father does many different. He does the dishes, reads, does the washing, and sleeps. An Alfie book about everyday situations in the home that all children are familiar with. An interactive picture book for the little ones.

After Gunilla Bergström’s character Alfie Atkins.

Gunilla Bergström

Author Illustrator

Gunilla Bergström (1942 – 2021) was the beloved creator of Alfie Atkins, one of the most popular and timeless picture book characters in Swedish history. Alfie Atkins is no hero; in fact, some would even call him a bit of a coward. However, Alfie’s cowardice might be exactly why he has such a strong appeal…

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