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Pija Lindenbaum Author & Illustrator

When Owen’s Mom Breathed Fire/När Åkes mamma glömde bort

Picture Books

When Owen’s Mom Breathed Fire/När Åkes mamma glömde bort

In the morning Owen’s mum is usually completely crazy. Her mobile phone rings and Owen has to hurry up so he won’t be late for nursery school. But one morning there is something funny. Mum just keeps sleeping and sleeping, and when Owen kisses her, he notices that she has become a sort of dragon. And what do you do with a mom who is a dragon? Who can’t remember anything, who bites dogs, eats ants and breathes fire at people?

Pija Lindenbaum

Author Illustrator

Pija Lindenbaum graduated from the Stockholm College of Arts, Crafts and Design in 1979 and has worked as an artist, designer and author for forty years. Quirky, contemporary and emotionally truthful, she is also one of the country’s most popular and successful picture book authors/illustrators. Her children’s stories are offbeat and sometimes ironic, while her…

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