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Jockum Nordström Author

Where Are You Going?/Vart ska du?

Picture Books

Where Are You Going?/Vart ska du?

In Jockum Nordström’s new picture book the city is full of characters, but where are they going? Mr. Elephant is going to visit his sister at the zoo, Squirrel and Hare are having dinner and Ant is going to practice his violin. But where are Renate and the poodles going?

Jockum Nordström is one of our greatest contemporary ar- tists. He has had great success with exhibits in both Sweden and abroad and his art hangs in galleries and art museums around the world.

Picture book art for young and old in an exciting format.

Jockum Nordström

Illustrator Author

Jockum Nordström is one of Scandinavia’s leading artists, internationally recognised as much for his exhibition work as his children’s books. Principally working in pencil and collage, Nordström has developed a highly individual illustrative style, playful and sometimes melancholy, drawing on influences from folk art, naive art and surrealism, among others. His books for young people…

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