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Pernilla Stalfelt Author & Illustrator

Who Are You?/Vem är du?

Picture Books

Who Are You?/Vem är du?

Pernilla Stalfelt’s Who are you? is a book about tolerance in all its forms. About similarities, differences, fears and exclusion. But above all, it is about how we can turn the fear of what is different into something positive and exciting. To invite in rather than shutting out. Because how different are we really? And is it really the case that similar children play best?

Who are you? was made in collaboration with the Teskedsordern, a non-profit organization which organized for all Year 3 students, approximately 100,000 students to receive a copy of this book on publication with an invitation to think about and discuss similarities, differences and tolerance. Because tolerance is not always easy, sometimes you have to practice and practice and practice.

Pernilla Stalfelt

Author Illustrator

Pernilla Stalfelt is one of Sweden’s most innovative creators of picture books, taking on subject matter close to home but which breaks traditional boundaries. She is best known for her non-fiction series that includes The Hair Book, The Poo-Poo Book, The Death Book, The Love Book, As Alike as Two Peas, The Scary Book, and…

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