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You & You & You/Du & Du & Du

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You & You & You/Du & Du & Du

Anon, Zarah and Nils lives intertwine in an exciting and unexpected way.

Anon, 12 years old, is a bit special. Bullied at school and with his blue boots, Anon is a daydreamer who fantasizes about someone named Sara whose wallet he has found.

Zarah, 17, beautiful, sharp and fearless. All she wants to do is to break up with her unbearable boyfriend Victor, but her head and heart  do not agree, as they so often do.

Nils, 20, a mathematics student who  thinks a lot about life and death. We live now. Then we’re dead. There is nothing to be afraid of. Nils recognizes himself in Anon, he himself was the same when he was twelve.

A wonderful book, amusing and disturbing, which arouses feelings, thoughts, and a zest for life. By the award-winning author Per Nilsson.

Per Nilsson


Per Nilsson was born in 1954 in Malmö. He now lives in Sölvesborg, a small village on the edge of the Baltic Sea. He is married to Åsa and has four children.He worked as a teacher in music and mathematics but has been a full-time author since 1999. Per Nilsson writes books for children and teenagers…

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