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Ellen Karlsson AuthorLaura Di Francesco Illustrator

Zarah Gets a Bandage/Zarah får plåster

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Zarah Gets a Bandage/Zarah får plåster

It’s craft time at preschool and Zarah is going to cut a star. She is really good with the scissors. But suddenly—Ouch!!! There’s blood! All her friends watch as their teacher helps clean Zarah’s cut. She gets to pick her favorite bandage from the box. Now she feels better!

A book about getting a cut and being pampered, with a strong sense of recognition for the youngest readers as well as their adults.

The fifth part of the Preschool Buddies series – fun books for the age 1 to 3 about everyday life at a preschool! Get to know Addi, Maj, Zarah, Mille and Alma – all are different, and all are friends! By the August Prize winning author Ellen Karlsson with illustrations by Laura Di Francesco.

Ellen Karlsson


Ellen Karlsson, born in 1986, is a beloved children’s book author. She made her debut in 2013 for which she, together with illustrator Eva Lindström, won the August Prize in the children’s and youth category. Ellen is the author of the Preschool Buddies, a series aimed at 1-3-year-olds about everyday life and the importance of…

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Laura Di Francesco


Laura Di Francesco, born in Rome in 1976, is educated in decoration and has a degree as a visual artist from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma. Japan caught her interest and for two years she lived there learning the language and being inspired by the country’s traditions, form and design. In 2010, she…

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